The Effects of City Life on Dogs' Health

As you would expect, city air is much more polluted than the air in wild, open spaces, and all those contaminants can be seriously detrimental to a dog’s health.

With all the traffic, buildings and industry being so close to our pups, it’s no wonder that canine experts have found that symptoms of allergies among dogs are far more prevalent in urban environments.

Cities also tend to be hotter and more congested than rural settings, which is more likely to cause dehydration and other health concerns for our furry friends.

Pups that live in the city, or perhaps, more importantly, their parents, need to take extra care to stay healthy considering their increased exposure to pollutants and bugs that are more difficult to avoid in an urban environment. To strengthen their immune systems and help ward off any airborne nasties, dogs need plenty of exercise, a healthy diet, and a regular intake of essential vitamins and minerals (which aren’t always in their food).


Chewy the Chihuahua

We receive lots of letters from our peppy puppy pen pals (i.e. our customers!) telling us how PupWater has helped their fur babies. 

Chewy the Chihuahua’s mum, Daisy, sent in this letter, which is a great example of how PupWater can help keep city dogs happy and healthy:

“Hi team, 

I don’t usually write reviews, but I really want to share my experience with other pet owners out there.

When Chewy was still a pup, we moved to the city, which was a bit of a shock for him. He went from having acres of spaces to himself to weaving around pedestrians, prams and other pets on narrow city sidewalks.

Within a month of the move, I noticed that Chewy was itching a lot more than he used to, and soon discovered that he had developed some kind of rash around his neck and side. 

The vet said that it was most likely dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction. I tried a few topical treatments, but they didn’t seem to help. The vet suggested we adjust Chewy’s diet in case something in his food was causing the irritation, so I tried everything - grain-free, kibble, raw food, and a bunch of others - but nothing seemed to help and the itching continued.

I even changed the park that I took Chewy to for his walks, in case there was something in the grass or the trees that was disagreeing with him. 

After a few months of this, and with no real improvement, I coincidentally heard about PupWater, and that it has a combination of ingredients that can help with a dog’s overall health, including skin conditions and breathing issues. Having tried just about everything else, I figured I had nothing to lose.

Well you wouldn’t believe it (or maybe you would, because you guys created it), but after only a couple of weeks, I started to see a real improvement! 

It’s been a couple of months now since I started adding PupWater to Chewy’s bowl, and not only has the itching stopped, but he seems happier, more energetic, and his coat is lovely and soft, with no irritation or rashes.

And Chewy absolutely loves the flavor! He’ll often go to his water bowl and have a few slurps of PupWater before he has his dinner - I think he considers it the entree before his main course.

So I just wanted to say a huge thanks for helping the little guy get better. And Chewy says thanks too!”

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