Healthy Skin and Fabulous Fur: Meet a Very Special Doggy Diva

When it comes to the quality of a dog’s skin and fur, there are many external factors that play a part, such as air quality, exposure to dirt and chemicals, and the frequency of bathing. However, arguably the most important thing for a dog’s coat is what it consumes. In other words, the way to a healthy coat is through a dog’s stomach!

Too often, dogs don’t get the essential vitamins and minerals they need from their food. Either the food isn’t mineral-rich, or they simply don’t absorb the nutrients due to a lack of hydration or other digestion-hindering factors.

When this happens, a mineral deficiency can cause issues with a dog’s skin, even if there are none of the common external factors at play (i.e. dirt, chemicals, etc.). Certain essential nutrients are imperative for a dog’s skin health. Many of these are not produced naturally, and need to be included as part of a balanced doggy diet. For example:

  • Fats
  • Protein and amino acids
  • Zinc
  • Biotin
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamins E and C
  • Copper
  • Selenium
  • Antioxidants

When developing PupWater, we worked with award-winning vet, Vassiliki Stathopoulou, to put together the ideal combination of 16 essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support skin and fur health in dogs.

We knew that some pups can be picky when it comes to eating and drinking, so we made sure that it was as tasty as possible, and easy to add to either a pup’s water or food bowl.

When we received an email from one of our customers (who has one of the best-named dogs that we’ve seen in a long time), we were so happy to learn that all of our hard work was paying off for this little pooch!


Beyonce the Cocker Spaniel

“I don’t know how you did it, but you did it, PupWater!

True to her name, my Beyonce can be a real diva. When she gets into one of her moods, she can flat out refuse to eat or drink for an entire day!

This made things really hard when her vet suspected she might not be getting enough nutrients in her diet, because her coat was dull and flaky, and her skin seemed tender in places. Trying to get her to take her vitamins, whether in pill form or diluted in water, was a nightmare.

I read about PupWater, and saw that it has a whole assortment of vitamins and minerals all in one little package. And best of all, you could mix it in with your dog’s water, or sprinkle it over their food. At first, this did the trick. After a while, I started adding PupWater to Beyonce’s water bowl, and she seems to really enjoy it - we haven’t had a diva moment for a long time now!

We have a Cocker Spaniel club that meets every month, and everyone comments on how fabulous Beyonce’s fur looks. Her coat is shiny and soft, and she’s the envy of all the other dogs in the park!”

Join in the chorus

Whether for a boost to their skin and fur health, or just for some general support for their overall wellbeing, we think that, like Beyonce, all dogs are “ready for this jelly”!

Check out the range of PupWater products and feel free to sing our praises on social media (@PupWater).

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