Dog Digestion: Little Leo’s Tummy Rumbles

At PupWater, our mission is to improve dogs’ health through better hydration and nutritional intake. We do this because we love dogs - plain and simple. And a big part of developing something that really makes a difference is listening to our customers.

Their feedback tells us what we’re doing well, and where we can improve. We’re all dog parents, and we’re all on the journey of improving our beloved pups’ health together. 

Not that we need reminding why we started, but sometimes we get some feedback from customers that reaffirms what we’re doing, and warms our heart when we realize we’ve made a real difference.

For example, this letter from Stacey (and fur baby, Leo):


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for the PupWater!

At first, Leo didn’t seem to like it too much in his water, so I would sprinkle it in his food, which worked a treat. More recently, as we’ve been out riding in the heat, he’s started to enjoy it in his water more and more as well. You can definitely see the effect the PupWater has on him after he’s been running around in the sun.

The other day, he got into some nasty stuff out on the farm. He came into the house and had some pretty significant tummy issues, after which I thought I was going to have to take him to the vet to get checked out.

I decided that I would monitor him for a little while to see if he improved before taking him to the vet. I gave him some PupWater to help restore his electrolytes. It was clear that there was some bad bacteria in his stomach, and I hoped that this might help to make him feel better.

By the next morning, he was his upbeat self again! In the past, this kind of tummy sickness hadn’t just gone away, and definitely not this quickly, so I’m attributing it to the PupWater.

Thank you very much!”

Thanks, Stacey! We’re glad to hear that little Leo is feeling better, and we’re wagging our tails with excitement at the thought that we were able to help.


Send us your feedback

We’re always looking to find ways to help more dogs (and their parents), so any feedback, ideas and suggestions are very welcome.

We’re constantly working on new flavors, new formulas and new ways to improve the health and hydration of our beloved pups. Feedback from our loyal customers is what drives us, and helps us to steer our efforts in the right direction. 

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